For Caregivers

Are you responsible for caring for someone?

Are you dealing with the healthcare system, providing daily medical and personal care, holding on to a job, and managing your family’s personal and household needs?
Exhaustion, worry, inadequate access to resources, and continuous care demands are enormously stressful and can adversely affect your own wellbeing.
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“Friends and family understand the situation better and so can offer me better support.”

So, where to begin?

TYZE – A network model of care
A network model of care builds upon connections between individuals, family, friends and healthcare systems to ensure secure communication and collaboration between everyone contributing to an individual’s well-being.
We enable caregivers to connect, communicate, and coordinate a care team.

What our customers are saying…

“By keeping connected it was useful in knowing how to help our friends.”
“It helped knowing my family were taken care of by members of their community, as I live a
long way from them.”
“Now my Mom doesn’t feel like she has to tell everyone everything one at a time.”