Ihor Petelycky – President

Ihor started his professional career in television at TVOntario, and later as an independent producer with a focus on post-production and special effects. After close to 15 years in the industry, in 1996 Ihor followed his interest in consumer photo and video by joining MGI Software as MGI’s Chief Product Strategist, managing industry leading consumer software products PhotoSuite, VideoWave, SoftDVD Max and PVR PUREDIVA.
In 2009 Ihor was bitten by the 3D bug and joined Spatial View Inc. as Director of Core Technologies and Applications. After unofficially retiring, Ihor became a consultant and contractor with Saint Elizabeth Health Care, working on a number of applications including SEMotorist, a mobile app for drivers with disabilities and HockeyFit, a fitness app for middle aged men.


Andrew Opala – VP Technology

Using the motto of “Better management through validation!”, and balancing the iron triangle (time to market, cost to reach the customer, and feature set of an endearing product), Andrew has been part of successful start-up growth and acquisition since the late 1990s. Andrew has been part of informal caring networks for all of his senior family members. After working with successful start-ups, Andrew is now able to merge his passion for family member care with full-time support of other networks and care situations.