About Us

How we’re different

We eat, sleep and breathe caregiver support networks. It’s what we do. We have been caregivers and personally experienced the challenges of managing the complexities of care. We’re experts at identifying the needs of people, their support networks and the value of making health and social organizations part of the support team.

What we learned

Our systems of health and social care are still dependent on the care provided by family, friends, and neighbors. Family caregivers are the backbone of health and social care systems, but caregivers often do so at great cost to their own physical, psychological, and financial health.
Meanwhile, physicians, policy makers, even experts in aging, don’t always recognize the important role played by family caregivers and the need to include them in the healthcare process. Family Caregivers may be uncomfortable exposing what they believe to be personal, private issues to public scrutiny. Because there is a reluctance to talk about the emotional, financial, and physical challenges of care—or because concerns were dismissed by the very people they looked to for help—families and caregivers often felt excluded from the healthcare team.

Our Values

  • Tyze is a social venture. Achieving societal goals is inseparable from meeting business objectives. Everything we do must provide both enduring social value and a reasonable financial return.
  • Relationships are our most valuable asset. When we support one another, everyone benefits.
  • A well-designed technology solution can be instrumental in supporting relationships and promoting collaboration, relieving the burden on a single individual.
  • Our success depends upon continuous input from our users, research and innovation.
  • Each of us, no matter what challenge we face, has a contribution to make. When we contribute, we are not facing challenges on our own.