Tyze enters exciting new chapter

TORONTO, CANADA August 1, 2020 – Tyze is an award-winning social venture that leverages technology to connect and support family caregivers. Created by family caregivers and named one of the world’s most innovative aging projects by the Financial Times, Tyze leverages the concept of a networked model of care and secure cloud computing to help people and organizations communicate and manage care for others.

For its next evolution, Tyze has been acquired from SE Health and is now under new ownership, led by tech entrepreneurs with a passion for family member care.

“We are looking forward to continuing the work that SE Health has done to provide support and value to family caregivers and their communities. The ability of families, caregivers or professionals to support vulnerable individuals is limited during pandemics,” says Ihor Petelycky, President of Tyze. “The requirement to wear personal protective equipment and practice social isolation limits physical contact and restricts in-person visits. Given the world’s response to COVID-19 we realize how important (yet fragile) our support networks and the dream of aging in place are. Now, with a dedicated and focused team, Tyze can continue to grow as a valuable solution for this developing need.”

“It’s exciting to see the continued evolution of Tyze,” says Nancy Lefebre, a senior executive at SE Health. “Now more than ever, family caregivers need robust and practical solutions to effectively manage and mobilize care for their loved ones.”

Tyze will continue to improve the support available for family caregivers – a group that totals 51 million people in North America alone (Statistics Canada, 2012., AARP & National Caregiving Alliance, 2015). Some of the new features and functionalities of the online platform will:

  • Enable greater communication and coordination for family caregivers
  • Provide better insights into needs, common issues, application usage, and
  • Develop interfaces to external systems (i.e. electronic health records) for home and health care organizations.

How Tyze is different

We eat, sleep, and breathe caregiver support networks. It’s what we do. We have been caregivers and have personally experienced the challenges of managing the complexities of care. We’re experts at identifying the needs of people, their support networks and the value of making health and social organizations part of the support team.


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