About TYZE

Tyze leverages the concept of a networked model of care and secure cloud computing to help people and organizations communicate and manage care for others.

Our Mission

A focus on managing relationships:

Tyze networks are private networks of people invested in caring for a family member, loved one, friend or neighbour. The interconnections, shared information, responsibilities, observations, and motivations amongst the network members are at the core of a network model of care.


The goal is to overcome the feeling of the caregiver’s individual burden, isolation, time demands and feeling of being overwhelmed.


Families, healthcare providers and patients/clients are empowered and engaged. Information is shared knowing that caregivers can use the information and advocate to make the best decisions and outcomes for their loved one.


Each network has a shared purpose – this inspires action and participation.


The networks each have a coordinator or host who extends invitations, welcomes members and their contributions, and generates activity in a network.

Focus on contribution by all:

Tyze networks make it easy for everyone to pitch in because they are “in the know” about specific needs and can contribute in a way that is convenient or meaningful for them.

Bridge to the healthcare system:

Access to information and expertise assists caregivers in providing the best support possible. Features such as secure file sharing provide safe ways to share confidential information with one or more network members. Health professionals can be network members or participate for short periods of time, during acute episodes, and then participate as needed.

Tyze is a secure space to build and mobilize support, communicate, and manage care co-ordination.

Our Features

Safe and Secure

Share your Tyze network with as many people as you would like. Tyze is fully HIPAA compliant and you control who has access to what information.


Reach out to network members if you need help with care activities, transportation, shopping, advice or any other caregiving tasks.

The CareWall

A great place to share news and information with your whole network. It’s also a place for you to share encouragement, celebrate successes, and for other members to interact with you. Only those in your network can see the postings on your CareWall.


The Resources section provides helpful information based on your preferences, categorized for easy access. In a caregiver network the information is provided by the Tyze team or sponsoring organization.


Send a message to a member, a selected group or your entire network. Your messages become a private conversation thread between you and the message recipients.

Documents & Photos

Securely store all the documents so you always have them at your fingertips, whether it’s for an emergency, routine medical question, list of prescriptions or even legal and financial documents.


Share important dates with the members of your network. Use the calendar function to keep your circle of care informed about important upcoming events or appointments. Calendar items can be for you only or you can share with certain network members or all your network members. Set up RSVPs for your calendar items.

Easy to Use

Tyze has been designed to look and work like many of the applications you know. The difference being, in Tyze they are all private, secure and integrated to work together. And of course, no ads or scams or fake news.

What our customers are saying…

“By keeping connected it was useful in knowing how to help our friends.”


“It helped knowing my family were taken care of by members of their community, as I live a long
way from them.”


“Friends and family understand the situation better and so can offer me better support.”


“Now my Mom doesn’t feel like she has to tell everyone everything one at a time.”

We hope that you will introduce Tyze to others, including the many health professionals you interact with.

Tyze on the go

We understand that you’re often on the run. To help make life easier, you can manage Tyze from your smartphone or tablet and connect with your network from anywhere. Send messages, create stories, add photos and more. We’ve got you covered.