What is a Tyze Support Network?

Tyze is a private, secure, and practical, web-based application that enables caregivers to create, connect, communicate, and coordinate a care team.

Who can benefit?

There are more than eight-million Canadians and sixty-five-million Americans providing care to a family member, loved one or friend with a long-term health condition, disability, or age-related need.


Spend 40+ hours of caregiving per week.


Are sandwiched juggling the demands of work, caregiving and providing for their own family.


People ages 40 to 60 are caregivers.

We enable caregivers to create and coordinate a care team.

Why create a support team?

Providing daily medical and personal care, dealing with the healthcare system, managing appointments and medications, holding on to a job, and managing your own family’s personal and household needs is demanding.

Tyze builds a team of family, friends and healthcare professionals to ensure effective and efficient communication and collaboration between everyone contributing to an individual’s well-being.

How can Tyze help organizations?

Tyze networks ensures that timely and relevant information is quickly and easily delivered to patients and their family caregivers.
Create a private network for each client
Communicate directly with client’s family and supporter team
Provide timely updates to everyone in the support network
Serve more people more efficiently

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